Curb Rescue- Rustic Side Table Makeover

A house around the corner from me is for sale and the owner has been cleaning it out and putting piles of stuff on the curb. Nothing caught my eye, or anyone else's for that matter, because the stuff would sit until garbage pick up, untouched. About two weeks ago, I noticed a new pile of old T.V.s- the kind you can't give away for free. From down the block I ...continue reading

Rustic Glam Powder Room Reveal

I am beyond thrilled to share our rustic, glam powder room reveal with you today. Thrilled because it is finally finished and I love it! Originally,the plan for the powder room was to make some cosmetic changes (a new paint color and an accent wall) and to get an electrician to center the light fixture over the vanity. It took me a few years to realize the ...continue reading

Friday Faves

I love reading blogs. They are filled with tons of inspiration, information and pictures. I also love sharing things I find with all of you. This week I thought I would combine the two and share all the cool posts I found. To check them out, just click on the links below. Too cold to go out? Try an at home date night . This date night idea looks super fun ...continue reading

Target Finds

Happy New Year!! I was looking forward to 2018 and getting back into the swing of things after the holidays, but so far I am floundering. I haven't started any new projects and I haven't finished the ones that had to be put on hold for the holidays. Maybe it is the intense cold snap we are experiencing but I just can't get motivated. I ran some errands the ...continue reading

Elf Themed Christmas Tree

Every year I try to figure out the best way to decorate for Christmas without the house looking like it was ransacked. I could list the many ways I have tried but none of them worked. I just have to accept that for me, in order to decorate for Christmas the entire first floor of the house will look like a disaster for a week or two and then the house will be ...continue reading

Fall Mantle and a Couple of Tips

I am back with some more Fall decorating. This time I am sharing my Fall mantle. You got a sneak peak of the fireplace hearth at Halloween. Now you can see the whole fireplace decorated for Fall. I am pretty happy with how it turned out and that the mantle is decorated at all to be honest. I gave myself some rules guidelines this year with consequences if I ...continue reading

Tiered Tray Decorated for Fall

I packed up the Halloween decorations and did a little Fall decorating around the house. In the kitchen, I decorated the tiered tray for Fall. We have a small kitchen with limited counter space. Anything that goes on the counter really has to be functional which doesn't leave room for the "pretties" that make a kitchen cozy. I always feel a little guilty ...continue reading


I am here today to talk pumpkins but first a little backstory. In an effort to streamline the Halloween decor, I got very choosy in what I brought home. In the grand scheme of things, it didn't seem realistic to keep bringing home loads of stuff that would be used for a couple of weeks and then spend 363 weeks in the attic. I like things but I feel better ...continue reading

Simple Halloween Mantle

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I had a little help decorating the mantle this year. My skeleton friends are back and making themselves at home. I decided on a simple Halloween mantle. I just realized that this year's Halloween mantle is made from past Halloween diy projects. Score one for recycling and ...continue reading

Spooky Skeleton Table

I've been decorating for Halloween. I have been picking up skeleton bones on clearance for the last few years and I finally had enough to do  a spooky skeleton table in the dining room. We don't eat in the dining room so I was able to go to town on it. I started by placing a raised mercury glass bowl in the middle of the table. Next I added some ...continue reading