Powder Room Progress- Accent Wall

I finally made progress on the powder room and I am so excited to share it with you! (Insert happy dance here) After I painted the powder room walls, my rustic glam makeover pretty much stalled. In my head, I planned to stencil a glam wall treatment. The problem was, I couldn’t decide on a stencil or whether to stencil an accent wall or stencil all the walls. I spent endless hours searching for ideas but I didn’t see anything I loved. I saw a lot that I didn’t love, so I guess that is progress. I pretty much gave up looking and then last weekend, I found just what I was looking for and my wall treatment problem was solved. I decided on an accent wall using temporary wallpaper.

rustic glam accent wall using nu pop temporary wallpaper

The pattern I fell in love with is Grey Woods NuWallpaper by Wall Pops. It is available on the Joann Fabrics website.

Temporary wallpaper has been around for a few years and I have always wanted to try it but I never had a place for it- until now. Temporary wallpaper is a self adhesive paper that you just peel and stick, there is no messy paste or water. It can also be repositioned or removed anytime without damaging your walls. It is perfect for renters or people who like to change things up. Apparently, I fall into the latter category. Although, I love this pattern so much, I don’t see myself changing it anytime soon.

rustic glam powder room progress

This is the wall after painting but before the accent wall installation. I took the picture from the doorway. It is the first thing you see when you enter the powder room. The wall color is Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore in a matte finish. It is a beautiful dramatic dark gray. I love it but I wanted… more and the wallpaper was the “more” I was looking for.

rustic glam accent wall using nu pop temporary wallpaper gray woods

As with traditional wallpaper you need to start with a plumb line. That line will keep the wallpaper straight. I measured 20.5″ from the corner of the wall and marked it with chalk. Once you have your plumb line, the only tools you need are a wallpaper smoother and a utility knife.

rustic glam accent wall using nu pop temporary wallpaper gray woods

I marked 20.5″ in all the way down the wall and connected the chalk marks with a level to make a straight vertical line (my plumb line). Once you have your plumb line you can install the first strip of wallpaper. Starting at the top of the wall, peel back about 12 inches of the paper backing and apply to the wall. Leave a few inches of excess wallpaper at the ceiling and make sure to line the right side of the wallpaper with your plumb line and push it onto the wall.  I worked out the air bubbles with my hands and then smoothed the paper with a wallpaper smoothing tool. I just worked my way down the wall peeling back the paper and smoothing out the air bubbles. When I made a mistake or went over the plumb line, I just peeled back the wallpaper and repositioned it.

When I finished a strip of wallpaper, I trimmed the excess with a sharp utility knife and I used a spackel knife as a guide to get a nice clean edge. Getting started is tricky but once I got the hang of it, the process went smoothly. It took me about three hours to finish the wall. Compared to traditional wallpaper I think that is quick- for me anyway.

rustic glam accent wall using nu pop temporary wallpaper gray woods

With the second strip of wallpaper I had to match the pattern so I worked in smaller sections. Sometimes I had to reposition the wallpaper several times to match the pattern or work out an air bubble and  I was a little nervous about the wallpaper sticking to the wall but it was totally fine.

rustic glam accent wall using nu pop temporary wallpaper gray woods

You can see how I peeled back the paper in the picture.

rustic glam accent wall using nu pop temporary wallpaper gray woods

The finished accent wall turned out great and I love it! I think it is rustic and glam but not too feminine. Even though I think of the powder room as my bathroom, it is the guest bathroom and we all use it (but mostly me:). We are in the process of adding new molding so I still have to caulk and paint the trim.

rustic glam accent wall using nu pop temporary wallpaper gray woods

What do you think? I think I love it!! I know I keep saying that but I am totally smitten. All the guys really like it and think they are in the forest(eye roll).


I am kind of obsessed. I have some left over and I think it would look really great on the back of a bookshelf or maybe the inside of a closet. You could use temporary wallpaper to update furniture or frame a piece and hang it on your wall. Have you tried temporary wallpaper? I would love to hear about it.signature


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  1. Kristine, this wall looks great with the temporary wallpaper. The pattern is really cool. You did a great job on this. It’s nice to know that temporary wallpaper is easy to work with. Thanks for sharing at Sweet Inspiration!

  2. I’m in LOVE with that pattern! It’s amazing in your powder room! I love how it looks next to that beautiful dark grey.

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