Fall Finds From HomeGoods

I know that the official start of Fall was September 21 but for me, Fall starts in October. I spent the last week of September mentally transitioning from Summer to Fall. What better way to transition from Summer to  Fall than a quick trip to HomeGoods?  Best Idea Ever! I took some pictures of my favorite Fall finds from HomeGoods to share with you. You know, just in case you needed a little help welcoming Fall. Second Best Idea Ever!

I loved this Fall sign and the size is perfect to use indoors or outside. A couple of years ago, I made a large FALL sign but because of its size, I am limited in the places I can use it. So far I have used it on my front stoop, in my entry and on my friend’s porch. I never know where it will turn up next.

fall finds from homegoods fall sign


There were shelves and shelves of pumpkins, it was a pumpkin pallooza. I have never seen more pumpkins in one spot.


fall finds from homegoods pumpkins


fall finds from homegoods pumpkins

I put this $12.99 twig pumpkin in my cart to add to my collection. I ended up talking myself out of it.  I could go home and collect my own twigs and make my own twig pumpkin for $0. I got home and let’s just say I should’ve bought the twig pumpkin.

fall finds from homegoods pumpkins

Turkeys  are not cute unless they are wearing pilgrim hats. I do love mixing metal and wood and this turkey caught my eye.

fall finds from homegoods rustic turkey

This little woodland hedgehog is for my niece – they are her latest obsession. Of course she would prefer a real one… On a side note, I think hedgehogs may be the new owl of 2016.


fall finds from homegoods rustic hedgehog

A little DIY inspiration. I love pumpkins made from scrap wood. I have enough scrap wood that I think I could make one and it would take less effort than collecting twigs.

fall finds from homegoods rustic pumpkin


fall finds from homegoods rustic centerpiece

I was so inspired when I got home that I pulled out all my Fall decorations and put them on the coffee table. Can you guess what happened next? I got overwhelmed by my pile of fall crap and painted the entertainment center instead. Yeah, that’s not how I saw this ending either.

After Big Daddy read my post, I heard him mutter  “Funny, that’s exactly how I saw this ending.”






  1. I love fall but can’t even think of taking fall out until October 1st. Feeling motivated ?????

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