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Target Basket Planter Makeover

I usually hang a basket on our front door instead of a wreath.  The basket always seemed too small but I liked it so it stayed. This Spring I found another supersized willow basket so I brought it home and I nailed the size! I know I am tooting my own horn but I kinda don't care because I nailed it. After seven plus years of living here I finally nailed the ...continue reading

First Birthday Garden Party

A few weeks ago, my sweet twin nieces turned one. My sister planned a garden party for the girls' first birthday. I can't think of a better theme to celebrate their milestone year. It has truly been a blessing to watch my nieces grow and see their personalities bloom. I was so excited when she let me do the centerpieces and decorate for the party. Oh, and ...continue reading

Garage Sale Finds- June

If you like garage sales, then you know there is nothing better than a townwide garage sale. Nothing except three townwide garage sales in two weeks and I was able to go to all three! I was pretty happy with my purchases. I cleaned them up a bit and took a few pictures to show what I got. I was mainly on the lookout for anything I could use as outdoor ...continue reading