Target Basket Planter Makeover

I usually hang a basket on our front door instead of a wreath.  The basket always seemed too small but I liked it so it stayed. This Spring I found another supersized willow basket so I brought it home and I nailed the size! I know I am tooting my own horn but I kinda don’t care because I nailed it. After seven plus years of living here I finally nailed the scale of something and toot I will. Plus, my friend said I nailed it and she is always right. Anyway I loved the texture ( big surprise) the basket brought to the front porch. If one basket was good, more baskets would be so much better. Thus began my Goldilocks journey of finding the perfect baskets by for by the front door.

I didn’t think I was being too demanding. The baskets just needed to be large, the same color as the basket on the front door and  not expensive. Apparently, I was asking for a lot. First of all basket planters at garden centers look like planters not baskets. They were either too square or too cylindrical. All I wanted a rounded shape with handles. The round ones with handles were too pricey. Plain baskets were to small.  Tall baskets were too narrow. Don’t even get me started on the color- too lite, too dark, too gray. I decided I needed to loosen my requirements. I just needed two large baskets but they had to be cheap.

I was walking through Target one day, not looking for baskets, when I saw one basket on a random shelf. It was tall, round with handles in a weathered gray finish. I was a little worried that the size was too small, but I put it in my cart anyway. On my way to checkout, I found another basket (not in the home/garden area btw) so I went home with a pair of baskets for the front porch.

target basket planter makeover

The scale of the baskets ended up being fine but the weathered gray color, which I normally love, did not look good. I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I decided to try Minwax gel stain on the basket. Gel stain has come to my rescue on more than one occasion. You may remember the chevron table and the ottoman. Oh let’s not forget the coffee table. All saved with Minwax gel stain in Aged Oak. It couldn’t hurt (In hind sight, I guess it could’ve ruined the basket. I didn’t think further than trying gel stain.) I gathered my supplies, a beverage and music and headed outside.

target basket planter makeover

I cleaned the basket and started applying the gel stain with a foam brush. I painted it on and tried to spread it in the cracks as best as I could. It was slow going. When the foam brush started to fall apart, I decided to see if there was something better I could use.

target basket planter makeover

I found an old toothbrush and it worked like a charm. I put a glob on the tooth brush and just worked it into the cracks. It worked so much better than the foam brush! I highly recommend adding a toothbrush to your DIY arsenal.


target basket planter makeover

I just brushed the stain on and tried to keep a wet edge. I didn’t need to wipe away any excess.

target basket planter makeover

I am used to updating garage sale and curb finds and repurposing what I have. I have to admit I was a little torn about changing something that is brand new. I always feel like if I am buying something new it should be exactly how I want it. I think I may have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for myself.

target basket planter makeover

I think the baskets turned out just the way I hoped they would. They are by the front door, I just forgot to take a picture. I will get on it – fingers crossed.


target basket planter makeover

For the record, the egg basket planter is at my friend’s house. I did not steal it back- even though it looks super cute on my steps.






  1. I love coming home from work and seeing what new surprises you have in store for us!

  2. That looks so great!!!

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