I am here today to talk pumpkins but first a little backstory. In an effort to streamline the Halloween decor, I got very choosy in what I brought home. In the grand scheme of things, it didn’t seem realistic to keep bringing home loads of stuff that would be used for a couple of weeks and then spend 363 weeks in the attic. I like things but I feel better with less stuff. That my friends is a tricky line to walk. The kids were/are getting older and Halloween seemed like a good holiday to start streamlining. Christmas is our big “decorating holiday”and I am trying to streamline that as well.

Anyway, back to pumpkins. Over the last few years, I have been picking up a pumpkin here and there. I would see it and love it (I had to love it) or it went perfectly in the room and here is the best part- a pumpkin could last the whole fall season. On a side note, Jack o Lanterns can too, just turn the face towards a wall. I pulled out the Halloween decorations, sorted them into categories. It is part of my process or a stall tactic to give me time to figure out what I am going to do. I lined up all my pumpkins on the mantle and instead of seeing a great collection, it looked like I was running a home for wayward pumpkins. Not the aha moment I was hoping for. More like WTH?


I debated leaving the pumpkins on the mantle as is but I couldn’t do it. I put on my big girl pants and got to work placing the pumpkins in temporary homes rooms through the house. First I placed the easy ones. The mercury glass pumpkin went on the shelf in the dining room. I like the way the mercury glass contrasts the rustic shelves.  Also, the centerpiece of our skeleton table is mercury glass.

mercury glass pumpkin

Next up, the white half pumpkin, it seemed like such a good idea at the time. I placed him on a ledge in the kitchen, and it seems like a perfect fit.

half pumpkin

The lace pumpkins needed to stay together and together they stayed. They complement the moody accent wall in the family room. If you follow me on Instagram you have seen the moody accent wall I painted on a whim. We are all kind of liking it now. As of right now, the wall is staying through the holidays.


black lace pumpkins


I got the black velvet pumpkins this year on clearance, mostly because they went with the moody accent wall. This may very well be how my home for wayward pumpkins came to be- buying pumpkins that go with a room’s decor. I made a simple pumpkin centerpiece for the table in the dining nook.

velvet pumpkins

The cute little wood pumpkin settled in on the shelf behind the couch in the family room.

rustic pumpkin

Yes, I think the origin of my wayward pumpkin home definitely began when I started buying pumpkins that matched our room colors.

Remember our dark plum entry? How could I not pick up these velvet pumpkins?

create a vintage fall vignette using vintage crates avintage champagne bucket and a diy rustic fall sign

I took the velvet pumpkins, the diy sweater pumpkins, and the wood pumpkins of  Autumns past and arranged them by the fireplace. It was hard for me because the room has mostly yellow accents but I think they look pretty good in the living room. What do you think?

simple halloween mantle


autumn pumpkins

I still have a few pumpkins left to place but I am going to wait until after Halloween to figure them out. Now that all the other pumpkins are placed, I feel too guilty leaving the leftover in a container. They say that understanding the cause of your problem is the first step to fixing it. Although now I’m not sure I really want to fix it. I mean did you see all the pumpkins that I successfully found homes for? This post may or may not have been sponsored by coffee…



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