Tiered Tray Decorated for Fall

I packed up the Halloween decorations and did a little Fall decorating around the house. In the kitchen, I decorated the tiered tray for Fall. We have a small kitchen with limited counter space. Anything that goes on the counter really has to be functional which doesn’t leave room for the “pretties” that make a kitchen cozy. I always feel a little guilty taking up precious counter space for my “pretties”. I am not complaining, just explaining…

tiered tray decorated for fall

The only space in the kitchen that I can decorate guilt free is the window nook. The only function of the window nook is to provide natural light. There is a deep window ledge (like a bay window would have) but if I put anything on it, I cant reach it unless I get a stool and climb up on the counter. If I want to open the windows, I have to climb across the counter to do it. So, the window nook became my guilt free decorating space. I found a galvanized, three tiered tray from Ballard Designs that fills the space perfectly.


tiered tray decorated for fall

For Fall, I knew I wanted to incorporate copper. I had some copper mugs and the cute copper measuring cups I picked up at an estate sale. I figured they would be perfect for the tiered tray- especially since it is in the kitchen. I  looked through my fall decor and found a bunch of acorns that I had picked up here and there and some Mum stems in Fall colors. I gathered my stuff and I borrowed a few more copper mugs from a friend and got started decorating. Here are two of my favorite decorating tips: shop your house first and phone a friend.


tiered tray decorated for fall

I started be placing the copper mugs on the middle and bottom trays and put the measuring cups on the top tray.

tiered tray decorated for fall

Next I added the acorns. I  started with the larger acorns and then sprinkled in the smaller acorns.

tiered tray decorated for fall

I love natural elements and texture, and I try to incorporate them whenever I can. How cute are these acorns? The caps on the larger ones are pine cones! They also contrast nicely with the copper mugs.

tiered tray decorated for fall

Instead of putting the mums in the mugs, I put them in the center of the tray as if they were winding up the pole. They filled up the space in the middle and I think they look a little more interesting that way. Sometimes, it is fun to think outside the box a little. I also tucked a mum here and there to fill in some holes.

tiered tray decorated for fall

Tiered trays can be tricky to decorate especially since there is a pole running through the center. The more you decorate them the easier they get. Some items I use are mason jars in various sizes, candles, nesting bowls, picture frames and small signs. Herbs and small potted plants from the grocery store fit nicely and add color. I have also used fruit but I don’t put them in a bowl. I pile them up on the tray. You can stack bowls and mugs or add small books to vary the height of items and add interest. Also, if there is something you love or makes you smile, throw it in there it will work.

I am happy with how the tiered tray turned out for Fall. What do you think? Do you have a tiered tray? You can see the different ways I have decorated the tiered tray here, here and here.



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  1. Very pretty arrangement love the copper mugs.

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