Garage Sale Season Update

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? Did you enjoy the extra hour of sleep as much as I did? I realized it has been a while since I posted about one of my very favorite things to do, garage "sail-ing". Garage "sail-ing" probably isn’t a legit phrase, but I like it and I’m using it. You can too. There just weren’t that many garage sales this Fall. To top it off, ...continue reading

Steelers Desk Chair for a Steal

Hello everyone, happy day after Halloween! I think that I’m still on a sugar high. I love the teeny snack size candy (see :)) If you follow Teeny Ideas on Facebook, you may have seen the chairs that Big Daddy snatched off the curb for me. I saw them on the curb, made a mental note to go back for them and then forgot- for three days. By the time I ...continue reading

Teeny Tip Tuesday # 8

Hi everybody! Before I reveal today’s life changing tip, I wanted to apologize for the lateness of this post. I think my Awesome Teeny Ideas subscribers may not get this until tomorrow, sorry about that. All my readers are awesome and I appreciate each one of you!!!  I felt like I was losing my Teeny Tips mojo and was having a hard time coming up with an idea ...continue reading

Business on the Outside, Party on the Inside- A Nightstand Makeover

My niece’s bedroom is coming along nicely. Here is her nightstand that I just finished painting. I used semi gloss white paint to match her headboard and added just a small pop of color on the drawer pull. I did manage to sneak in more zebra stripes on the sides of the drawer. I also added aqua glitter paper to line the drawer. This was her ...continue reading

Liebster Award

I got a nice surprise a little while ago. Nancy, from Daffodils at Home, nominated me for a Liebster award! I had never heard of a Liebster award, but I was very excited to be nominated. Liebster, meaning “dearest” in German, is a blogger to blogger award designed to encourage new or small blogs. Teeny Ideas is both new and small, so I am thrilled to accept! ...continue reading

Teeny Tips Tuesday #7 – How to Hide Cables Behind a T.V. Cabinet

Hi everyone, welcome to Teeny Tips Tuesday. Today I am going to show you how to hide  T.V. wires/cables behind furniture.This is a quick easy way to hide cables/wires without opening up the walls. Our T.V. cabinet is a mid century modern buffet that I found at an estate sale. I love everything about it except that you can see the wires, from the T.V. and ...continue reading

An End Table Makeover

I need your advice. You know how they say before you go out, look in the mirror and take one thing off? I don’t know who “they” are but I guess what “they” are getting at is, less is more. This is where you come in. I gave our end tables, in the family room, a makeover and I’m not sure how I feel about them. Actually, I don’t think they turned out so good and ...continue reading

Teeny Tips Tuesday #6- How to Remove Stickers With Vinegar

Hi everyone, today’s tip is an oldie but a goody and is courtesy of my mother in law. Picture this, you just get home from the store with your brand new glasses, dishes, picture frame, mirror (pick one), you are ready to use said item. All you have to do is remove the sticker and you are good to go. Why stores can’t place the price tag on the back of ...continue reading

Fall Decorating has Finally Started

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? Mine was good, although I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. I started decorating for Fall and I have a couple of projects to show you. I did a little behind the scenes blog tweaking, which always takes me way longer than it should, and is why I didn’t get a lot done in the way of cleaning, crafting, decorating ...continue reading

Getting Ready for Fall -or Not

I have a confession to make, as of this minute the only thing I’ve done to get ready for fall is kill the mums I bought. It seems to be an annual tradition for me. Seriously how stores let me walk out with mums is beyond me. Why do I continue to buy them every year and expect the outcome to be different? Isn’t that the definition of insanity? I mean, I think ...continue reading