What is Black and White and Green All Over?

A friend of mine was getting rid of a small chest and asked if I wanted it. You know me and my inability to say no to furniture, so I took it off her hands. Plus, I'm always game for a furniture rescue.The chest had a few layers of paint on it and an attempt at distressing that didn’t quite work out.( I don’t have a before picture) All in all it had seen ...continue reading

My Daughter’s Bedroom Reveal- Take 2

When we first moved into our current house, my daughter’s bedroom was one of the first rooms to get a facelift. This was  due in part to the color of her walls. They were red and not a good red, more like an assault on your eyes kind of red. She didn’t want to be in there, let alone sleep and I couldn’t blame her. She wanted beige with coral and some quotes ...continue reading

Teeny Tips Tuesday #5 and my Pet Peeve

Hi everyone, welcome to the 5th edition of Teeny Tips Tuesday. One of my pet peeves is crooked pictures. I usually find this happens when a picture is hung on one nail near a door. The door slams, (happens frequently here, kids just don’t know their own strength) the picture shifts, I have to straighten it –often. I stumbled on today’s tip by accident, and I ...continue reading

Outdoor Entertaining Cabinet

I picked up this Hoosier cabinet at the same estate sale that I got my daughter's bedroom set. I thought it would be perfect on the deck as an Outdoor entertaining cabinet. It needed some serious elbow grease, some minor frame repairs and a paint job. For $20 I was game. Here is the cabinet before: Here is the cabinet after: Hoosier ...continue reading

Teeny Tips Tuesday #4

Hi everyone, welcome to the fourth edition of Teeny Tips Tuesday. Is it me or do Tuesdays seem to be coming faster and faster lately? I love a cozy throw blanket on the couch, especially at night and preferably within arms reach. What I struggle with, and have for years, is how to display the blanket on said couch which is a sectional.  I have folded it over ...continue reading

Finds from My Grandma’s basement

About a month ago, my grandma offered me a dresser from her basement. Of course I jumped at it because 1) I had been looking for a dresser for our bedroom, 2) I love old furniture and 3) I have a problem saying no to old furniture. I’m really trying to get better at #3, really. I now have a set of “pre-owned” furniture rules. I have to really look at the ...continue reading

An Earring Holder for Studs- Finally!

One of the things I included in my daughter’s room makeover was a jewelry station. (Final reveal coming soon!) I didn’t want to go the jewelry box route. They are like drawers, everything goes in them but you only use what is on top. Besides, there are so many cute ways to display jewelry, I couldn’t resist. The one thing that had me stumped was how to ...continue reading

Teeny Tips Tuesday #3

Welcome to the third edition of Teeny Tips Tuesday. Today’s tip involves organization. One thing I miss from our old house is having a walk in pantry. The pantry made life so much easier, everything had a place and it was out of sight. Our current house has no walk in pantry, so large items go in the basement.This is fine except when it is something you need ...continue reading

Take Out Your Notebooks Everybody

Hi everyone, today’s post will be lite on pictures so be prepared. We have moved a few times and I wanted to talk a little bit about some of the things that I have learned along the way. Our last house was a fixer upper straight out of the 1970’s. Every single room had drop ceilings, plywood paneling and bi-fold bedroom doors. There were mirrors glued to the ...continue reading

Drying Hydrangeas in Water

I have a few hydrangea bushes in my yard and I love them. Some are blue, some are pink and one is such a deep shade of blue it almost looks navy or purple. Now that it is September, I noticed that some of the hydrangeas are changing colors. They are shades of pink, plum and green, almost as if they are antiquing themselves. The faded colors are really quite ...continue reading