An Earring Holder for Studs- Finally!

One of the things I included in my daughter’s room makeover was a jewelry station. (Final reveal coming soon!) I didn’t want to go the jewelry box route. They are like drawers, everything goes in them but you only use what is on top. Besides, there are so many cute ways to display jewelry, I couldn’t resist. The one thing that had me stumped was how to ...continue reading

Teeny Tips Tuesday #3

Welcome to the third edition of Teeny Tips Tuesday. Today’s tip involves organization. One thing I miss from our old house is having a walk in pantry. The pantry made life so much easier, everything had a place and it was out of sight. Our current house has no walk in pantry, so large items go in the basement.This is fine except when it is something you need ...continue reading

Take Out Your Notebooks Everybody

Hi everyone, today’s post will be lite on pictures so be prepared. We have moved a few times and I wanted to talk a little bit about some of the things that I have learned along the way. Our last house was a fixer upper straight out of the 1970’s. Every single room had drop ceilings, plywood paneling and bi-fold bedroom doors. There were mirrors glued to the ...continue reading

Drying Hydrangeas in Water

I have a few hydrangea bushes in my yard and I love them. Some are blue, some are pink and one is such a deep shade of blue it almost looks navy or purple. Now that it is September, I noticed that some of the hydrangeas are changing colors. They are shades of pink, plum and green, almost as if they are antiquing themselves. The faded colors are really quite ...continue reading

Teeny Tips Tuesday #2

Hey Everybody, I hope that you had a great weekend! It is time for the second edition of Teeny Tips Tuesday. Today’s tip involves another popular D.I.Y. product a.k.a. Duct tape. Duct tape was invented in the 1940’s and has been a staple in the toolbox ever since. Until recently, duct tape was a functional, but not very pretty to look at, shade of gray. In my ...continue reading

A Bright Idea- Repurposed Floor Lamp

We have been working on the yard/deck areas this summer. I know, I know, it would be smarter to do outdoor projects in the spring, when you know, it’s cooler out. That’s not how we roll. Anyway, I had been looking for some ways to incorporate outdoor lighting as an accent to make the sitting areas and entry more inviting and festive. The problem I kept ...continue reading

Teeny Tips Tuesday #1

Quick Earring Rehab Hi everyone, I hope you had a good Labor Day weekend. It’s Tuesday and I’d like to start “Teeny Tips Tuesday”. Have you ever just changed one little thing and it made everything better? I’m not talking world peace or all the kids getting along at the same time (those would be miracles!) I’m talking about little things that make life a ...continue reading

Banana Bread Recipe

I love my mom’s banana bread, especially toasted with a lot a little butter- I die. This recipe is so simple, even a preschooler can make it. I know this from personal experience. Every year, at Christmas time, my siblings and I made banana breads to give as teacher gifts. My mother supervised as we made them ourselves and wrapped the finished product in tin ...continue reading

Garage Sale – Best Day Ever

In our neck of the burbs, we have something called “Town Wide” garage sales. It’s basically what the name implies, one day of garage sales all in the same town—with a map to boot. No traveling town to town for 2 or 3 garage sales. Usually there are so many that its hard to get to them all! House after house of sales – filled with treasures…My heart beats a ...continue reading

The Midas Touch – A Chair Makeover

About a year ago I was walking my nieces and nephew to school, when something caught my eye. Sitting on the curb across the street were two pretty, little chairs in great condition. I had to have them. If you know anything about finding things on the curb, you know you have to act fast. That particular morning, acting fast was proving difficult since I had to ...continue reading