Banana Bread Recipe

I love my mom’s banana bread, especially toasted with a lot a little butter- I die. This recipe is so simple, even a preschooler can make it. I know this from personal experience. Every year, at Christmas time, my siblings and I made banana breads to give as teacher gifts. My mother supervised as we made them ourselves and wrapped the finished product in tin ...continue reading

Garage Sale – Best Day Ever

In our neck of the burbs, we have something called “Town Wide” garage sales. It’s basically what the name implies, one day of garage sales all in the same town—with a map to boot. No traveling town to town for 2 or 3 garage sales. Usually there are so many that its hard to get to them all! House after house of sales – filled with treasures…My heart beats a ...continue reading

The Midas Touch – A Chair Makeover

About a year ago I was walking my nieces and nephew to school, when something caught my eye. Sitting on the curb across the street were two pretty, little chairs in great condition. I had to have them. If you know anything about finding things on the curb, you know you have to act fast. That particular morning, acting fast was proving difficult since I had to ...continue reading