Updated Ottomans From Old Jeans

Do you remember these ottomans? We started off with one and used it to death. It was the perfect foot stool and it fit perfectly under the coffee table when it wasn't in use. I didn't want to replace the ottoman so couple of years ago, in my quest to bring color and durability into the room, I reupholstered it using a rag rug. You can refresh you memories ...continue reading

Fun Finds- Arrows

Since it is Friday, I thought I would share some fun finds. I have been crushing on arrows for a while so I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you. Enjoy:     Gold Arrow Drawer Pull I love these arrow drawer handles. As soon as I find a place for them, I will be adding them to my shopping cart. As of last night, they ...continue reading

Teeny Tips Tuesday- How to Get Rid of Dust Bunnies

Happy Tuesday everybody! One of the reasons I like Tuesdays okay, the only reason I like Tuesdays is because I get to share a Teeny Tip with you. For those of you who don't know, Teeny Tips are quick, little things that make life a little easier, prettier or tastier. Apparently I forgot my own Teeny Tip requirements which is why I haven't been sharing them:( ...continue reading

Powder Room, Entry and Office Progress

I have made some progress on the powder room, entry and office. I even have pictures to prove it! I have been working on the three rooms simultaneously. I didn't intend to work on them at the same time, I planned to work on one room at a time. Prepare yourself, these aren't pretty pictures, they are just to show you my progress. You will see the progress and ...continue reading

State of the House- January Update

It has been relatively quiet on Teeny Ideas but there has been a lot going on around the house. Christmas is put away and I am putting the house back together. While I was putting the house back together, I realized that in order to have the home we want, I need to be more conscious of what I bring home to make the "perfect" room- is there really such a ...continue reading

Crockpot Hot Chocolate

We woke up to this Saturday morning, as I am sure all of you did as well. What a snow storm! A blizzard was the perfect excuse for comfort food like crockpot macaroni and cheese and Bum's Lunch? I also found a recipe for crockpot hot chocolate on the blog One Good Thing and it sounded so good, I had to try it. Well, Jillee was right, the ...continue reading

Christmas Dinner on the Deck

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! After a wonderful Christmas break, I am getting back in the blogging groove. We spent the holiday soaking up as much time with family and friends as possible. I had so many things I wanted to share with you this holiday season but with a couple of extra projects going on- on top of the ...continue reading

Christmas Decorating

Usually I spend the month of November watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. It is my way of gearing up for the upcoming Holiday craziness that starts the day after Thanksgiving. The movies are a little cheesy but I can not get enough of people getting snowed in by the perfectly timed storm and falling in love - by Christmas. Families coming ...continue reading

‘Teeny Time- Apple Cider Fireball Sangria

My sister whipped up a pitcher of Apple Cider Fireball sangria that is perfect for Autumn nights by the fire pit. I hope you enjoy it. Chop apples and pears into cubes (or whatever shape you like) and place in a bowl. Add the whole bottle of cinnamon whiskey ( we used Fireball whiskey) and soak the fruit for at least an hour. The longer you ...continue reading

How To Slipcover An Ottoman

I believe I ended my last post saying "Next week, I will show you how to slipcover an ottoman"(can you sense the forshadowing?) I guess I jinxed myself because that weekend, I sliced my finger pretty bad and ended up getting stitches. Of course I sliced the finger on my left hand and I'm left handed, so it did put a crimp in my weekend plans and slowed me ...continue reading