Den Progress and Coffee Table Makeover

I have made some more progress on our den. To recap, the walls were planked and we were choosing paint and stain colors. I also found the perfect rug. You can catch up on the den progress here. The long wall is stained and turned out great. The other three walls are painted. The couch, coffee table and the wall opposite the long planked wall need to be ...continue reading

Champagne Den on a Beer Budget

I have been promising you a den reveal for - like - ever, so today I am going to deliver. Thanks for being so patient. First, the back story. The den is off our living room and measures 8ft, 4in x 14 ft. Not bad considering the family room in our old house was a cozy 9ft x 18. When we moved in, the den became the holding area for all the furniture that ...continue reading

Christmas Home Tour Part 1

Welcome to part one of my Christmas Home Tour. I’m going lite on words and heavy on pictures. Personally, when I look at home tours and room reveals, I just want pics, pics and more pics. So, sit back, grab a cup of hot chocolate or even better a Smuggler and enjoy. Pardon any typos, I may have had one or two Smugglers as I write this. Our Entry:I am very ...continue reading