DIY Vertical Tabletop Planter

This weekend, I made a diy vertical tabletop planter and I am pretty thrilled with how it turned out. Originally, I wanted to make a large vertical succulent planter to hang on the deck but I don't really have a place to hang it. Also, small succulents are about $3 each which adds up to more than I wanted to spend. I decided to scale it back and diy a ...continue reading

DIY Industrial Pipe shelves

A few months ago Big Daddy and I collaborated on a fun project for our dining room. We added industrial pipe shelves above the buffet and not only are we still married, but they are awesome! I love doing any project but my favorite projects are the ones Big Daddy and I do together.  Industrial pipe shelves have been burning up the internet for a while now and ...continue reading

How to Make A Napkin Pillow- 2 Ways

Changing out your pillows is a quick way to update your space or change your decor with the seasons. Buying pillows for every season can be costly not to mention the precious storage space that is wasted by having to store the unused pillows. The solution: pillow covers. Even better, make your own. Today, I am going to show you how to make a pillow cover 2 ...continue reading

DIY Chevron Coffee Table Makeover

The living room is really starting to come together. First I painted the room white which really lightened things up. Next I changed the curtains and slipcovered the chairs. I wanted to make the room more neutral and bring in color with pillows and accessories. Keep in mind that the living room makeover has been evolving since July 4th 2014. Anyway, I am ...continue reading

DIY Jewelry Storage

I finally, FINALLY crossed "jewelry storage" off my bedroom to-do list. For a while I was planning to display all my necklaces but I realized two things: 1- Having all my necklaces on display (I have a lot) would look too busy and take away from the "calm retreat" vibe I was going for. 2. Having necklaces on display, would require dusting them and that is ...continue reading

How I Made My Ottoman- and You Can Too

I decided that my little ottoman was looking very lonely, nestled under the coffee table. So, I did what any good furniture mom would do, I built him a friend. That’s right, I built an ottoman almost completely by myself. It would have been completely by myself but Big Daddy got impatient waiting for me and cut out the circles himself. Can I help it if I got ...continue reading

DIY Bathroom Art

I have one more post for you about the bathroom and then I will give you a break. I can't promise I won't slip one in here and there, but after this one, I will give it a rest. Last week, I DIY'd art for the bathroom using the computer. I wanted to keep it on the fun side because it is the kids bathroom after all. This is what I came up with: I made a ...continue reading

Easy Way to Change the Litter Box and DIY Sea Glass Bottles

We have two cats and as much as I like them, I hate changing their litter boxes. That is until my friend shared her secret with me, and now I am going to share it with you, Are you ready? LITTER BOX LINERS- they are a game changer. I have been using them for about a year and I love them. Now changing the litter box takes two minutes and the litter box stays ...continue reading

Champagne Den on a Beer Budget

I have been promising you a den reveal for - like - ever, so today I am going to deliver. Thanks for being so patient. First, the back story. The den is off our living room and measures 8ft, 4in x 14 ft. Not bad considering the family room in our old house was a cozy 9ft x 18. When we moved in, the den became the holding area for all the furniture that ...continue reading

Teeny Tips Tuesday #12- Quick DIY Christmas Art

Hello everyone! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means, another Teeny Tip. I love the Christmas art work in the stores and catalogs, just not the price tag that comes with it. For myself, I can’t justify dropping $100+ on pictures that are only on display a few weeks out of the year.  I used to hoard save all our Christmas cards every year. Finally, I ...continue reading