Curtain Shuffle

A couple of weeks ago, I played a fun game called "The Curtain Shuffle". I know you are thinking "Wait, what is this game? How have I not heard of it?". You haven't heard of "The Curtain Shuffle" because it is a super fun game that I invented all-by-myself.  If you love home decor, switching things up for free and music, you will love this game. We all ...continue reading

Early Fall Decorating in The Family Room

I decorated the family room for fall. I actually had the family room decorated for fall in September, which is unheard of for me. It was the last week of September, but it was still September. There are a lot of pictures so I will just let you get to it. SOURCES: Mirrors, candle holder and vases - HomeGoods. Branches- Michael's craft store. Pumpkin - ...continue reading

Tweaking The Family Room With Yellow

I was at HomeGoods a couple of weeks ago (big surprise) and I saw yellow curtains. I loved them but I didn't think I had a place for them so I left them in the store. You see,  I have a habit of  seeing  things I love, and bringing them home with grandiose plans of the amazing things I am going to do with them. Once I get home, my inspiration wanes and I have ...continue reading