Garage Sale Finds- June

If you like garage sales, then you know there is nothing better than a townwide garage sale. Nothing except three townwide garage sales in two weeks and I was able to go to all three! I was pretty happy with my purchases. I cleaned them up a bit and took a few pictures to show what I got. I was mainly on the lookout for anything I could use as outdoor ...continue reading

First Garage Sale

After years of going to garage sales, I finally got together with a couple of friends and had my first garage sale. I was finally on the other side of the tables. My trash (and some of my treasures) became someone else's treasures. For the last year, I have been sorting through our stuff, decrapifying, donating (15 large contractor bags), finding homes for ...continue reading

June Bargains

How are the garage sales in your neighborhood? The garage sales by me have been abysmal. One town wide sale was so bad, we only found one sale- one. This weekend was the town wide sale in my town. I set my expectations low and headed out. If you were looking for baby/kid items and clothes, you would have hit the jackpot. There was not one cool thing to be ...continue reading

Garden Tour 2014

Welcome to my first Garden Tour, I hope you enjoy it. Let me start off by saying if  there is a plant growing in the yard, I throw down some mulch and call it a garden. Also, in person, the fence itself looks pretty good. In pictures, it is painfully obvious that the side with the beach ball needs to be power washed. The fence runs the length of the backyard ...continue reading