Den Progress and Coffee Table Makeover

I have made some more progress on our den. To recap, the walls were planked and we were choosing paint and stain colors. I also found the perfect rug. You can catch up on the den progress here. The long wall is stained and turned out great. The other three walls are painted. The couch, coffee table and the wall opposite the long planked wall need to be ...continue reading

Trash to Treasure Footstool Makeover

Most people hate Mondays, I used to but not so much anymore. For me, Monday is garbage day. That means that every Monday morning, there  is the possibility of a curbside treasure waiting for me to bring home. I found these on a Monday. I also found this and this. Oops, I almost forgot about this Monday find. Check out my latest curb find/ trash to treasure ...continue reading

Mid Century Modern Console Makeover

Remember when I started to decorate for Fall but I ended up painting a piece of furniture instead? Well this is the piece of furniture I painted. I gave our Mid Century Modern console a makeover. This is actually the second makeover for our Mid Century Modern console, but who's counting right?  I found this gem at an estate sale and painted it to give it ...continue reading

Rustic Coffee Table Makeover

This Summer we had to make some large repairs to the exterior of the house which included building a garage. With everything displaced, I had nowhere to work so my list of projects was put on hold. Hopefully construction will be finished soon and I can share some pictures with you. With the holidays coming, I couldn't wait any longer and spent the month of ...continue reading

Vintage Sewing Table to Nightstand Makeover

I am finally ready to share my new nightstand with you. Actually it is new to our room but it has spent time in a few different areas of our home. I have been without a nightstand since my son decided to live at home for his sophomore year of college. He needed a desk and instead of buying a new one, I sucked it up and gave him the desk I made over and was ...continue reading

Powder Room Progress- Accent Wall

I finally made progress on the powder room and I am so excited to share it with you! (Insert happy dance here) After I painted the powder room walls, my rustic glam makeover pretty much stalled. In my head, I planned to stencil a glam wall treatment. The problem was, I couldn't decide on a stencil or whether to stencil an accent wall or stencil all the walls. ...continue reading

Powder Room, Entry and Office Progress

I have made some progress on the powder room, entry and office. I even have pictures to prove it! I have been working on the three rooms simultaneously. I didn't intend to work on them at the same time, I planned to work on one room at a time. Prepare yourself, these aren't pretty pictures, they are just to show you my progress. You will see the progress and ...continue reading

DIY Chevron Coffee Table Makeover

The living room is really starting to come together. First I painted the room white which really lightened things up. Next I changed the curtains and slipcovered the chairs. I wanted to make the room more neutral and bring in color with pillows and accessories. Keep in mind that the living room makeover has been evolving since July 4th 2014. Anyway, I am ...continue reading

Goodwill Lamps Reveal

Do you remember these lamps that I got from Goodwill for $4.00 each? I know, it's hard to forget that hand painted ivy from the 90's. I know they are circa 1990 because ivy was big then. I remember stamping ivy vines around my mother in law's kitchen. It actually came out pretty good, but that was then. After a much needed makeover, they are now ...continue reading

Basement Makeover Part 2

Hi everyone! Thank you all for your comments on part 1 of the basement makeover! I loved reading them! If you missed part 1, you can check it out:Epic Basement Makeover Part 1. Now,on to the other side of the basement a.k.a Basement Makeover Part 2. This is the side of the basement you see when you enter the room. Before: After: This side of the room ...continue reading