I am here today to talk pumpkins but first a little backstory. In an effort to streamline the Halloween decor, I got very choosy in what I brought home. In the grand scheme of things, it didn't seem realistic to keep bringing home loads of stuff that would be used for a couple of weeks and then spend 363 weeks in the attic. I like things but I feel better ...continue reading

Repurposed Denim Pumpkins

After all the pumpkin/fall inspiration I shared the other day, two things happened (three if you count painting the entertainment center). First, I realized that I am not in the mood for fall decorating but  I am in the mood to decorate for Halloweeen. I packed up all my Fall crap decorations minus anything I could use to decorate for Halloween.   Second, I ...continue reading

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

Last week, I made some fabric pumpkins, they were quick and easy. There are plenty of fabric pumpkin tutorials on the web, I, as usual "winged" it. Fabric pumpkin tutorial? I don't need no stinkin tutorial. After a few miss steps, I refined my technique, and taught my nieces (ages 6 and 10). They let me photograph them making the pumpkins so we could show you ...continue reading