Repurposed Egg Basket planter

Sometimes I am an "over-thinker". Like right now as I wrote that sentence I spent a lot of time trying to decide if overthinker is a real word and trying to avoid the little red squiggle telling me I spelled it wrong. To me it is one word- my word that pops into my head when I find myself spending a lot of time trying to figure things out. I put it in quotes ...continue reading

Repurposed Denim Pumpkins

After all the pumpkin/fall inspiration I shared the other day, two things happened (three if you count painting the entertainment center). First, I realized that I am not in the mood for fall decorating but  I am in the mood to decorate for Halloweeen. I packed up all my Fall crap decorations minus anything I could use to decorate for Halloween.   Second, I ...continue reading

Vintage Sewing Box Repurposed as a Jewelry Box

Jewelry storage was one of the issues that I addressed during our master bedroom redo. I had a jewelry box, but it was too small. Then I "took in" a new to me jewelry box but it was too big (and too oak if I am being honest). I also wanted a jewelry box that was more "me" and, as close to free as possible. Unless of course I found a jewelry box that I ...continue reading

Curb Rescue: Door to Floor Mirror

A few weeks before Christmas, I got a curb alert from a friend: " There was a  cool door on the curb". I couldn't get to it before the garbage men came, so my friends went to pick it up. The door ended up being bigger and heavier than it looked. Needless to say it was not the usual pull up- toss it in the car- and peel away sight unseen. I wasn't there, but I ...continue reading