Teeny Tips Tuesday- How to Revive Hydrangeas

Today, I thought I would share a Teeny Tip on how to revive hydrangeas. In case you didn't know, hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers. We have a few hydrangea bushes in our yard. Every few weeks, I treat myself and pick up a bouquet of hydrangeas from the supermarket for about $5 or $6. The first time I bought hydrangeas, they lasted for a week if not ...continue reading

Teeny Tips Tuesday- How to Get Rid of Dust Bunnies

Happy Tuesday everybody! One of the reasons I like Tuesdays okay, the only reason I like Tuesdays is because I get to share a Teeny Tip with you. For those of you who don't know, Teeny Tips are quick, little things that make life a little easier, prettier or tastier. Apparently I forgot my own Teeny Tip requirements which is why I haven't been sharing them:( ...continue reading

Teeny Tips Tuesday- Clever Hanger Storage

Happy Teeny Tips Tuesday everybody. What do you get when you combine organizing, laundry, repurposing and fast? You get one of my favorite tips to date, courtesy of The Family Handyman. They mounted a towel bar under a cabinet to store hangers! So simple and clever! I read the article Friday morning and the towel bar was up by Friday afternoon. It was just ...continue reading

Bowl Full of Memories

One of the things I love to put in rooms is a bowl of photos. It takes no time at all and it is the perfect use for all those double photos sitting in laundry baskets, waiting to be put in albums. (I know that I am not the only one guilty of this.) I don’t remember where I saw the idea as it was years ago, but I copied it immediately. I loved the idea of ...continue reading

Teeny Tips Tuesday #17

It’s Teeny Tip Tuesday and I have a couple of tips to share with you. First off, I asked my six year old niece if she had a tip that she wanted to share. Something quick and easy that makes her life better or prettier. (she loves to help with the blog) She thought about it for a minute, smiled (I’m thinking “this is gonna be good”) and said vacuuming. She ...continue reading