Trash to Treasure Dining Table Makeover

This is the story of my trash to treasure dining table makeover. If you follow Teeny Ideas on Instagram, you may have seen the table I got off the curb. I think the caption went something like " I have found our new dining table". Big Daddy was less than thrilled. I was so excited about my find that I snapped a picture as soon as I got it home, posted it on ...continue reading

Trash to Treasure Footstool Makeover

Most people hate Mondays, I used to but not so much anymore. For me, Monday is garbage day. That means that every Monday morning, there  is the possibility of a curbside treasure waiting for me to bring home. I found these on a Monday. I also found this and this. Oops, I almost forgot about this Monday find. Check out my latest curb find/ trash to treasure ...continue reading

Trash to Treasure- A Buffet Makeover

A while ago, a friend found a perfectly good buffet and hutch on the curb. She was going to use it in a project but said it was mine if she didn’t use it. Of course we couldn’t lift it into the truck, so I ran two blocks (slightly uphill) to get a dolly (not a baby, the kind with wheels) while she stood guard. Btw, while I was gone, a couple of people stopped ...continue reading