Vintage Card Catalog Makeover

Today, I am so excited to share my vintage card catalog makeover with you! Last month, I picked up a vintage card catalog for $20 at an estate sale. I blogged about the estate sale here in case you want to see all the awsomeness that I picked up. Structurally the piece was solid. Visually it was covered in layers and layers of brown paint- right down to the ...continue reading

September Estate Sale Finds

Last week I went to an estate sale with a couple of friends. You know what that means right? I have some estate sale finds to share with you. The estate sale was in the next town over on a street know for its old mansions. Anytime there is a sale on that street, we try to go. Most of the mansions haven't been updated yet so it is as if time stopped and you ...continue reading

First Garage Sale

After years of going to garage sales, I finally got together with a couple of friends and had my first garage sale. I was finally on the other side of the tables. My trash (and some of my treasures) became someone else's treasures. For the last year, I have been sorting through our stuff, decrapifying, donating (15 large contractor bags), finding homes for ...continue reading

Vintage Sewing Table to Nightstand Makeover

I am finally ready to share my new nightstand with you. Actually it is new to our room but it has spent time in a few different areas of our home. I have been without a nightstand since my son decided to live at home for his sophomore year of college. He needed a desk and instead of buying a new one, I sucked it up and gave him the desk I made over and was ...continue reading

Goodwill Finds

After such a dismal start to garage sale season, I stopped at Goodwill to get my treasure hunting fix. The Goodwill store near me is hit or miss- usually more miss than hit. This time, I hit the jackpot. Take a look: I got this rattan mirror for $7. When I got home, I realized the frame was plastic and the mirror finish had worn off. I think it is time ...continue reading

Vintage Sewing Box Repurposed as a Jewelry Box

Jewelry storage was one of the issues that I addressed during our master bedroom redo. I had a jewelry box, but it was too small. Then I "took in" a new to me jewelry box but it was too big (and too oak if I am being honest). I also wanted a jewelry box that was more "me" and, as close to free as possible. Unless of course I found a jewelry box that I ...continue reading

March Estate Sale Finds

A friend and I went to an estate sale on Saturday. Correction, we went to a GREAT estate sale on Saturday. I knew it would be good before we even got in the house. First, the house was older, in good condition but no updates and it had a front porch. Translation: you will probably find cool stuff, aka vintage items. The porch doesn't mean anything, I just ...continue reading

Estate Sale Finds

I went to an estate sale last week and thought I would show you what I picked up. A 1940's vintage tin plaid picnic basket with wood handles. The top is a little dented but other than that it is in good condition and did I mention that it is plaid. You will see more of it next Christmas. I also added these to my collection of white/ ivory ...continue reading

Out With The Old, In With The New

I haven’t been blogging much the last few weeks. Truthfully, the holidays got the best of me. There was too much to do and not enough time to get it done. The kids came home from their first semester at college and we were trying to soak up every minute of family time. I also didn’t realize what an adjustment it would be getting used to a full house again. To ...continue reading

DIY Rustic Shelves

Before the holidays, we gave the eating nook in the family room a makeover. You can see the full family room makeover here. Today, I wanted to share the details on the shelves Big Daddy and I collaborated on. We (I) couldn't find shelves we (I) liked so we (I) decided to make them. Flashback to the nook before: Nook today: The embroidery hoop ...continue reading